Guest lecture: Cyberspace: Between Legal and Security Challenges, Socio-economic Opportunities and Moral Dilemmas

Prof. Dr. Anis Bajrektarevic, Professor and Chairperson in International Law and Global Political Studies, International Institute IFIMES, Vienna


Tuesday, 16.04.2019, 16:30 - 18:00, Fakultas Hukum UGM, Building III, room III.1.1

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While our troposphere is dangerously polluted, one other space – that of intangible world, created by the interconnected technology – follows the same pattern: a cyberspace.

Information is a content and the frame, means and the goal in the world of binary codes. Commodification of information in digital world is nothing else but a search for a cyberspace currency. Hence, what is a black gold, oil/crude for the PEM (Primary Energy Mix) of every national economy that is a personal data in the world of cyber-information – component that predominantly energises and runs the system.

No wonder that our cyberspace becomes increasingly brutalised by its rapid monetisation and weaponisation. It mainly occurs through privacy invasion and its constant erosion due to an expanding exposure and inadequate preservation. How effectively to protect assets and enterprises, but also individuals, their fundamental human rights, and finally how to exercise a right for (cyberspace) dignity and privacy?

Global and regional systems (such as the UN or the EU) now offers a model legislation to its Member States, and by its transformative power (spill-over) to the similar supranational projects elsewhere (particularly ASEAN, but also the AU, OAS, SCO, SAARC, LAS, etc.), and the rest of world.

/ From a lege specie towards the universal (criminal) jurisdiction. /

In the course of this public lecture, we will examine some of the legal and security aspects of the cyber law, as well as some of the opportunities, risks and moral (habitual) dilemmas surrounding it.

Special reference will be made on cybercrimes and other (societal) wrongdoings as well as on the need to strengthen the legislation and its enforcement on national, subnational, regional and international level.

An early sensitisation as well as education, trainings of all societal stakeholders, arbitrational (ADR) and judiciary subjects are to be addressed with the practical suggestions for future. That will represent a concluding part of the lecture.

After the lecture there will be time for questions and answers and discussion. All interested guests are welcome.

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